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Mayor Hodges Welcomes Trump Cronies’ Attacks

Last night, Mayor Hodges outlined the city’s defense against the Trump Administration’s threats to cities and their residents; today, the New York Observer, previously published by President Trump senior advisor Jared Kushner, attacked Mayor Hodges in response.


I’m very excited to be running for reelection as Mayor of Minneapolis. I’m proud that I’ve kept my promises and gotten great, progressive results for our city and our people. We are building on our strengths and taking on our challenges in order to be even more than the great city that we already are. There’s also a lot more to do, and I intend to do it.

What I’ve done

Through deliberate, intentional leadership, I have been doing exactly the work that I promised to do: run our city well, grow it inclusively, and tackle and eliminate the gaps between white people and people of color. Just some highlights of the many progressive results I’ve gotten are:

  • proposing and passing our Earned Sick and Safe Time ordinance;
  • founding my groundbreaking Cradle to K cabinet to prevent racial disparities from ever arising in our smallest children;
  • innovating much-requested community-based approaches to public safety;
  • making significant investments like body cameras in transforming police–community relations;
  • investing $40 million in affordable housing;
  • making it easier to start and grow a business;
  • leading a historic agreement to rebuild our neighborhood parks and streets;
  • all on a solid foundation of fiscal responsibility.

On the biggest challenges of our time, we can be proud Minneapolis is leading the nation in progressive action and results. To learn much more, I invite you to visit my Biography and Results page here, or to visit my blog, to go to my official mayoral pages at the City of Minneapolis website, or to follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

These strong results didn’t happen by themselves. They happened by putting good policy ahead of good politics. They happened through deliberate, intentional leadership — the kind that doesn’t always claim credit, but gets great results nonetheless. And they happened by setting a clear vision and playing a long game to turn it into reality.

What’s coming next

It will be critically important in the next four years to continue this important work and build on this solid base of progressive results. But we must also recognize that last November 8, everything changed across our country. Make no mistake: Donald Trump, along with the Republican majorities in the Minnesota Legislature, are openly hostile to and will attack progressive cities like Minneapolis, and those of us who live in and love them.

I have a record of successfully fighting back against Republican attacks on Minneapolis in years past, and I’ve been doing so again. Just since Donald Trump was awarded the presidency, I have defended our Muslim, LGBT, trans, and Native American brothers and sisters against vicious attack, and I have stood rock-solid in defense of our immigrant communities so that they and everyone in Minneapolis can feel safe and protected by police. I will not waver in my defense of our city against Donald Trump or anyone who comes after our people.

These times require a mayor who thinks big and plays a long game, not a mayor who goes for short-term wins and easy headlines. These times require a mayor who can continue to lead the way toward making Minneapolis a shining beacon of progressive light and accomplishment in a time of authoritarian darkness.

That’s the mayor I have been, because that’s the mayor I am. I am asking for your support to continue to be that mayor, to allow me to lead the work to keep our vibrant and inclusive city one of the best and most progressive in the country.

Betsy Hodges
Mayor of Minneapolis

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