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Promoting Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Two years ago, I was honored to be one of 60 mayors from around the world invited by Pope Francis to take part in a global climate conference at the Vatican.  One thing was clear – we need to start at the local level to work against the effects we are having on our environment and on our fellow humans.  Our work against climate change is more than just about limiting carbon emissions, it’s about working toward environmental justice.

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City Employees: I stand with you

If the Republicans are coming after public employees and their unions in the next four years, they’re going to have to come through me. That’s the Mayor I’ve been, and that’s the Mayor I will continue to be.

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Keith for DNC

I could not be prouder to support Minneapolis’ own congressman, and my good friend and great ally, Keith Ellison, to be our next DNC chair.

I’ve been sharing with mayors around the country the three big reasons why I as a mayor support Keith for DNC chair, and why I believe they should, too.

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