Mayor Hodges Welcomes Trump Cronies’ Attacks

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Mayor Hodges Welcomes Trump Cronies’ Attacks

Last night, Mayor Hodges outlined the city’s defense against the Trump Administration’s threats to cities and their residents; today, the New York Observer, previously published by President Trump senior advisor Jared Kushner, attacked Mayor Hodges in response

Minneapolis, MN – Today, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges released the following statement about right-wing publication the New York Observer’s story about her progressive leadership in the city.   

“Well, I got Trump’s attention. Last night I gave a speech about how we as a city can come together in the face of Trump’s attacks on our communities and our democracy, and his agenda of suppressing free speech and dissent.  Twelve hours later, the paper that Jared Kushner’s family owns – that Jared himself ran until 88 days ago – named me one of the worst mayors in the country. Imagine that. When Trump’s cronies are the people attacking you, you know you’ve done something right, ” said Mayor Hodges.

Besides getting the facts wrong (surprise), the article is clearly just a recitation of every right-wing attack on progressive cities across the country.  I’ve defiantly stood up to the Trump administration since day one: in New York City with Mayor de Blasio, with mayors across the country defending the human right to affordable healthcare, and in our own city at various peaceful demonstrations for First Amendment guarantees and support of our vibrant immigrant communities.

“I’m proud to be the leader of a city that has been on the front lines of resistance against these hateful proposals that threaten our progressive values as a city. And I’ll say it again; if Donald Trump wants to harm cities and the people who call them home, he’ll have to come through me.”

The New York Observer was owned and published by Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner.  Kushner sold the outlet to a family trust and his brother-in-law became its publisher in January.

Mayor Hodges’ defense of Minneapolis against Trump’s threats in the news: