Press Release: Mayor Hodges Discusses Minimum Wage and Tip Penalty

Feb 21, 2017 | Press Releases

Contact: Alida Tieberg, 218-290-3682

Mayor Hodges Discusses Minimum Wage and Tip Penalty

After conversations with a service industry expert, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges
reiterated her opposition to a tip penalty and tiered wages.

Minneapolis, MN – Today, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges released the following statement after meeting with Saru Jayaraman, a minimum wage and service industry expert:

“After today’s conversations, which highlighted the economic and moral risks of a tip penalty, the extent to which a tip penalty would disproportionately harm women, and our proud tradition in Minnesota of providing one fair wage for all our workers, it’s clear that Minneapolis needs a leader that understands that creating a tip penalty in our minimum wage will harm workers in our city and likely statewide. It’s also clear that any so-called ‘compromise’ that would require tips to be counted as wages is still a tip penalty.

“I will work with labor organizations, advocates, business owners, and Council Members to ensure that any Minneapolis ordinance works for our workers and businesses alike. I will also continue to oppose legislative attempts both to interfere with Minneapolis’ efforts to raise standards for low-wage workers, and to create a statewide tip penalty.”