Press Release: Mayor Hodges for Minneapolis Announces womenwinning’s Endorsement

Contact: Alida Tieberg, 218-290-3682

Mayor Hodges for Minneapolis Announces womenwinning’s Endorsement

Last week Mayor Hodges was endorsed by LGBTQ advocacy organization Outfront Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN – Today, womenwinning announced their endorsement of Mayor Betsy Hodges’ re-election campaign.

“We are excited to endorse Betsy Hodges as the strongest and most qualified candidate in the 2017 race for Minneapolis Mayor,” said Lauren Beecham, womenwinning executive director. “As an advocate for the citizens of Minneapolis for more than a decade, we are confident Mayor Hodges has a strong path to victory and will continue to be a dedicated leader for Minneapolis. Strong women’s leadership is critical in our current political environment,” said Beecham. “Particularly with the national dynamics, Mayor Hodges has already shown that she is a strong leader under pressure and will defend our values.”

“Donald Trump has cities and the people who live in them in his sights, with women at the forefront of those attacks. By coming after the basic human right to high-quality healthcare, reproductive rights, and workplace protections that disproportionately benefit women, among other attacks, he is deliberately attempting to tear down the foundations of progressive public policy in ways that ultimately hurt everyone,” Mayor Hodges said. “One way we can fight back against these attacks is to support womenwinning’s mission to elect pro-choice women at all levels of government. womenwinning has consistently been among the first supporters of my grassroots campaigns. At a time when progressive women’s leadership is needed more than ever, I’m grateful to have earned the endorsement of an organization of women dedicated to electing other women.”

Last week OutFront Minnesota announced their endorsement of Mayor Hodges’ re-election campaign, joining various local and statewide elected officials.